2019 Forms and Applications

Below are all the forms needed for 2019 if you are thinking of enrolling or if you have already enrolled.  If you have any questions please call us at 914-693-7111 or email us.

Get Free DVD And Brochure

Brochure Pack, Learn all about Long Lake.
2019 Long Lake Brochure
2019 Letter from Owners, Marc and Susan Katz
2019 Tuition & Dates, What Makes Us Different and FAQ’s
2019 List of Activities
2019 Camper Reviews

New Camper Enrollment Form
We are presently accepting new applications for all sessions. You can still enroll now and have time to cancel if needed.  Please call 914 693 7111 with any questions.
2019 New Camper Enrollment

Returning Camper Enrollment Form
2019 Re-Enrollment Form


All 2019 Forms To Read And Complete After Enrolling Please.
Below are all the forms and information for families who have already enrolled.  Please open and read BOTH PDF’s, all information is essential to your camper having an amazing summer. Both PDF’s have forms to complete and return to us. Please follow the 3 steps below to ensure we do not receive blank forms. Thank you.

1. Open the PDF’s, immediately save/download them ( do not enter data yet), close the page/form.
2. Go to the folder/location you saved the files, open the saved copy in your PDF reader/writer (not chrome or safari).
3. Enter your details, save the form, review the saved form has your data then email the saved form to longlakeforms@gmail.com

2019 Information and Health Forms To Complete

2019 Forms to Complete

2019 Nearby Hotels

2019 Suggested Packing List


2019 Staff Forms
2019 Job Application

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