How Long Lake Ensures Success for Every Camper

Long Lake’s unique way of letting campers create their own schedules works because we have the very best campers and staff in the world and a special program called Unit Leaders. Our campers aged 8 to 16 all create the most rewarding and enjoyable schedules possible with our help.

Unit Leaders

Long Lakes spectacular unit leader program boasts a dedicated team of nurturing dynamic staff members who ensure every camper is getting everything they came to camp to do. Unit Leaders make sure every camper is happy, sleeping well, eating well and fulfilled. Unit leaders act as a camp concierge for both the camper and the parents; they’re the reason Long Lake campers always overcome any homesickness and that every day is fantastic.

Unit Leaders meet each camper right away and then regularly to understand what interests brought them to camp, what activities they want to take a part in, and to find out if there is anything we can do for them to make them feel at home. Unit Leaders help campers schedule their time and understand how to get what they want from camp. We teach our campers to speak up and advocate for what they want and to let us know if there is anything wrong so we can instantly help, teach and guide them.

Unit leaders are also there to communicate with the parents. They find out what their expectations are and ensure we exceed them. Unit leaders make sure each parent knows how successful camp is and keep them informed about the activities their children are taking part in. Each week, every camper gets to call home and the unit leaders are there to help and support them. Parents can call anytime to ask to speak with their child’s unit leader for updates or to share important information.

Unit leaders are unique to Long Lake and an essential part of our success letting every camper design their own schedule every minute of every day. Although we do not have just one typical schedule, click here for some examples of how amazing each day can be.

Call us at 914-693-7111 to find out how our Unit Leaders can help your family have the best summer ever. Also watch the video above to see for yourself our wonderful Unit Leaders in action.

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