How Do I Get Everything I Want?

Getting everything what you want at Long Lake Camp For The Arts is easy. Long Lake was created so you are in control of your schedule with our help and guidance. Nobody is excluded, if you want to act in show, you’re in, join the circus, easy, perform in the dance show, no problem, paint all day-done. no matter your age, 8 to 16 you have full access and choice in what you do with our great help and support.

Steps to your perfect summer…

  1. Watch our video and look over the website and list of activities here.
  2. Make a list of everything you must do.
  3. Tell us at camp what you want to do and we make sure you get started as soon as possible.
  4. Done! It’s that easy. (Because we have 160 staff making sure!)

Here is what will happen when you get to camp…

All you need to do is speak up, tell us what you want and it will happen. Please call us so we can start to create your perfect summer. 914 693 7111

You can see some examples of our Daily Schedule here.

Explore Our Summer Performing & Fine Arts Programs

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