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Mountains of Summer Camp Rock Music

Long Lake Camp’s summer sleeapway Rock band program is loud, exciting and the best in the world. Rock musicians from 8 to 16 year old’s, beginners to advanced, come to our overnight camp to learn, perform and record their rock music. Our raucous Saturday night rock concerts showcase or camps rock stars, with massive stacking Marshall amps, smoke machines, laser light show and an audience going crazy for you and your rock music. You get 100% say in your daily schedule choosing from rock, fine arts, music, dance, circus, film, theater and fun land sports and water sports. Your daily schedule is created by you with our help so you are always doing the activities you love with new found friends. We offer private and band lessons, the private lessons focus on what you want to learn and will make you a better musician and performer. We can teach all styles and level of rock music to guitarists, drummers, singers, bass players, keyboard players and we can include horn and string sections.

Here is just one of our band songs from our Saturday Night Rock Concerts. More tracks and a gallery are at the bottom of the page. Please visit our Soundcloud page here to listen to all our bands from just one summer (over 65 songs!)

As a rock camper you will get:

Long Lake Camp for the Arts is located along the sparkling blue shores of long lake in the Adirondack park of New York. With only 250 kids and 160 staff, we can easily make sure you get what you want every day. We are the only summer sleep away camp offering a complete Rock Band experience and a stunning location with our unrivaled other activity choices. We help each and every camper truly get what they want each day. Some of our Rock campers have gone on to become profession recording artists, touring the world and writing amazing songs.

To learn more please call us at 914-693-7111 and watch the video above to see and hear just how amazing our summer rock camp will be. You can request our Brochure Pack here.

Below are some tracks from our bands recorded in our studio, followed by images from our rock concerts.


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