Long Lake Camps Beautiful Bunks and Housing

Our stunning lake side setting is the perfect place for a children’s summer camp. Complimenting this beautiful location our housing and bunks are a step above what most camps would even consider building. We are constantly updating our accommodations and the oldest update we have is only 5 years, some camps do not renovate their bunks every 15 years! We have both houses and more traditional camp bunks. All have handmade (by us) bunk beds using Southern Yellow Pine (far heavier and more comfortable) and deluxe thick mattresses. Most living rooms are pine line, all have recessed lighting and ceiling fans. The bathrooms are truly unique amongst camps. They are Cedar lined (walls and ceilings) so they always smell fresh with large mirrors, slate floors, stainless fittings and large mirrors. Each bedroom has under bed storage as well as cubbies or wardrobes for each camper. The bunks are well sized and created. Every building has state of the art fire and smoke detectors and alarms.


Boys Bunks
We have six boys cabins called “Hermatages” , home to 14 – 18 campers and 4 -5 staff each. We house our campers by age and grade, the youngest are in Herm 1 the oldest are in Herm 6. They are located in the center of camp near the office and within a couple of minutes of every activity. They have covered porches for campers to seat and relax, play guitars and learn their lines. We house the campers by age and grade and try to keep the ages as close as we can.

Girls Bunks
Stonehouse is home to our youngest girls and sits along the shore of Long Lake. Upstairs are 3 rooms, “Vista Deck” has stunning panoramic views of the lake and mountains and houses 10 campers, then we have two rooms of 6 campers. In the middle of the floor is the bathroom and the councilor room with 6 staff member living and caring for the youngest girls. There is a beautiful deck overlooking the lake for the girls to chat and relax. Down stairs we have a large open plan room for 20 campers and 7 staff. It has Frenchdoors opening to a balcony overlooking the gorgeous lake. Stonehouse has been featured in numerous Architectural books about the Adirondacks as it is one of the oldest stone boat houses and is a stunning example of Adirondack Boat Houses. Upstairs is for our 8 to 11 year old’s in 3 separate rooms, downstairs is for 12 year old’s in a large dorm room.

Lakeside is a custom built house that uses sympathetic design and materials to enhance its lake front location. This two story building features a cedar plank exterior, wrap around porches, vaulted ceilings, large living areas and exceptional views down the lake. Each floor has two rooms, each room is home to 13 campers and 3 staff. Lakeside is home to our 13 to 14 year olds.

Sunrise is a more traditional camp house for campers. There are two levels with two rooms on each, thirteen campers and three staff per room. The interior is beautiful Pine and it is located near the lake opposite Lakeside. Sunrise is home to our 14 to 15 year olds.

Main House
The original private estate Main House has been maintained and updated for todays campers needs. It is a beautiful building at the heart of camp. The second floor is home to our oldest girl ages 15 to 16. There are 3 campers rooms with 6 to 10 campers per room. There is a councilor room on the middle with 4 to 6 staff with the cedar lined bathroom opposite. It has a large deck with sweeping view of the Adirondacks and camp, a favorite place for the campers to chat, read, learn lines and play guitars.

To find out which house your children may live in please call us at 914-693-7111 and watch the video above to see how beautiful our accommodations are. You can request our brochure pack here.

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