Who Comes to Long Lake Camp For The Arts

Long Lake is renowned the world over for offering boys and girls ages 8 to 16 the very best Performing and Fine Arts. We accept campers from more than 20 different countries and more than 40 different American states each summer. About 70% of our campers come from the eastern states running from Florida up to Montreal. The other 30% come from Europe, Russia, China, South America and states like California, Texas, Illinois, Idaho, Alaska and many more. We have new campers attending each session and all age ranges along with very friendly returners. There will be very few new 16 year old’s. Making friends at Long Lake is easy and they happen very naturally and quickly.

All our campers have common bonds in the performing and fine arts so making friends is very easy and natural. Long Lake campers are kind and generous of spirit and equally enjoy discovering their own talents as well as supporting their new friends. We have the most supportive audiences you could ever hope to perform in front of. We promote a non competitive philosophy that means our campers are making friendships through the arts rather than learning what a very competitive career this will be. We teach our campers how to be the very best performer and artist and how to make friends, how to communicate and understand different cultures and gain in self confidence.

Please call us at 914-693-7111 to learn how you will make lifelong friendships and grow as a performer and artist this summer at Long Lake Camp for the Arts. Click here for a brochure and DVD to be rushed to your home.

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