Long Lake Camp’s Philosophy

Choices, Friendships and Guidance

Since we started Long Lake in 1969 our philosophy has been one of inclusion, inspirational instruction and a non competitive spirit that brings children together. The arts in the adult world is a very competitive and difficult world to break into and succeed at. We believe every camper at Long Lake from beginners to advanced can achieve the most amazing and memorable life forming performances and works of art. We celebrate the creativity in all of us and help to encourage and grow this into exceptional productions for the world to enjoy. Our campers are ages 8 to 16 and come to us from all around the world

Long Lake believes in the individual and your right to free choice, to follow you dreams and find a path that satisfies your heart mind and soul. Equally important is each campers need for togetherness and like minded creative friends to support and encourage you. We teach our campers that we are only as strong as our self belief and the belief of those who surround us. That is why Long Lake year after year hears from parents saying that camp had changed their children’s lives and given them a profound group of friendships that are far stronger than those they have at home.

The wonderful accomplishment we see every summer are the result of tremendous work and dedication from our staff and campers. Letting our campers choose their own schedule ensures they are focused, dedicated and passionate to develop a greater appreciation and understanding toward their choices arts form. In just 3 weeks our campers can learn more than in a whole year because of the tremendous teaching and amount they do every day.

Our location is a huge part of the success we experience each summer. The stunning clean air and fresh green forest and shimmering blue lake that surrounding camp are fuel for our campers spirits and helps children remember what being a child should be all about, friends, fun, belonging and creativity. We purposely have time in the day for play, to relax and talk face to face, rather than over the internet. Learning how to communicate with children from all over the world is an invaluable skill that will stay with you forever.

To find out how our philosophy can inspire you or your child please call us at 914-693-7111 and you can request our Brochure and DVD Pack here.

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