A Summer Sleepaway Camp for Film and Video

Create Your Alternate Ending At Summer Camp

Long Lake is the best overnight film camp for boys and girls film makers, ages 8 to 16 from all around America and the world. Our summer sleepaway camp offers the only film program in the world where you are 100% in control of your daily schedule. You can choose from exceptional Film, Fine Arts, Dance, Theater, Circus, Rock Bands, Circus, Comedy and fun land and water sports.

Long Lake camps film studio offer children everything you need to produce your film masterpiece. We have five experienced filmmakers at camp, excited to help you take your film from first idea to the big screen. Our camps film department can teach you the following:

We have state of the art film production equipment and a glorious location in the stunning Adirondack Park of New York State. We have many kids at camp ready to star in your film and musicians and artists to help with props, costumes and sound tracks. We use five Apple Mac Film workstations, shooting on high end professional Sony NX3 cameras. We have boom mikes, green screens, reflectors and fills, portable and studio lighting and a creative community to exchange excitement and ideas.

Each summer at camp we produce more than 50 original films which are premiered on our huge high definition film screen. You can make every genre of film, from comedies to horror, action adventures to dramas.

Call us at 914-693-7111 to learn more about Long Lake’s summer film camp programs or request your brochure here. The video above shows you just how wonderful making films at Long Lake will be.

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