Camper and Parent Testimonials

Below are some comments, thoughts and feelings from our campers and parents.

Camper Testimonials

“Saying goodbye to Long Lake is heartbreaking. I have
never loved a place so much in my entire life. My first year
coming I had no clue how much this camp would change
me as a person. I have made friendships with people all
over the entire world and somehow feel closer to them than
anyone else. Not only does this camp offer you anything you
can imagine, it has helped me grow and become the person I
will be for the rest of my life. I don’t think I can get any closer
to heaven than this place. Each summer has offered me something
new, different, and challenging and each month of the year
I count down to the three weeks I spend here at Long Lake”.
Libby.H. 3 years at Long Lake.


“At Long Lake, I have been a rock star, a magician, a
beauty pageant host, a sailor, a superhero, dancer, and 20
minutes ago, a cook. I have experienced things in 3 weeks I
never thought I would have experienced during my whole
life. Thanks to what I consider a hugely supportive family.”
Paul.D. 3 years at Long Lake.


“When I was twelve, my parents were searching on the
internet for an arts camp when they stumbled upon Long Lake
Camp for the Arts. That’s when fate stepped in. That summer,
after camp was over, I slid into my car and said to my parents,
“I’m coming back. No question.” The reason behind this change
of heart? The reason is that Long Lake is the closest to a home
away from home on Earth”.
Rebecca. B. 4 years at Long Lake.

Parent Testimonials

“ When we chatted before camp on the phone I thought you were full of yourself and couldn’t
possibly deliver on your promises. But camp is better than you said, you undersold it.”

“When my son joined you he knew who he wasn’t – after three weeks with you he knew who he was.”

“In a pre-packaged world it is so nice to have a place where my son is allowed to dream and pursuethem with gusto!”

 “We have been waiting for Charlie to develop some interests, this camp has given our Charlie the motor for direction. He has many interests now and we are very grateful.”

“My daughter says your camp is like heaven.”

“A true summer camp experience – traditional sleep away fun but with enriching up-to-date
programs that my kids needed and totally enjoyed!”

“Long Lake is a very special place with wonderful people.”

“Not a day goes by that Samantha is not affected by Long Lake…”


“The friendships that he made are with wonderful hard working creative kids – a perfect match!”

“The staff is always great!” (A parent of four years)

“You have the most gorgeous property…a majestic setting!”

“Rebecca talks about it all the time – like a dream come true!”

“Everything you promised – came true!”

“When Stuart and I looked into Long Lake we said to ourselves that even if half of what you
said came true, this place could be wonderful – after having our daughters for [a combined]
12 years at Long Lake, it’s amazing that really everything you said really happens – every summers 1000%!”

“She experienced all the joy and more than I did as a Long Laker 28 years ago…”

“I am only sorry that we did not know about Long Lake when Gregory was younger…”

“My daughter treats me like her hero for making her stay at Long Lake Camp for the Arts,
thank you for making me her hero.”

“Jenny had a great time, it’s the first camp she ever liked and that’s saying something.”

“I have been looking for a camp where my 3 children could all come together and each one
have the best time, even though they are all so different.”

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