Health And Safety

Our most important consideration is our campers and staffs safety. Everything we do is designed to maintain the upmost health and safety standards. We are regulated by the New York Department of Health which has the strictest standards of any health department in America. The Health department visits us 3 times per summer and we always exceed the states recommendations. Because we are caring for children we are held to a higher set of standards than a hotel, restaurant or recreational facility.

Health Center and Nurses
Our modern, bright and airy health center offers our 3 registered nurses ample space and private rooms , toilets and showers to care for our children. Some camps only have one nurse, we feel that is a bad idea as this one nurse will get exhausted and thus not deliver the very best care. Our three nurses stay well rested all summer and love helping our campers feel better. The health center has spectacular view of the lake and mountains and if a great place for campers to receive any daily medications or on the spot care. We can administer prescription medications as well as an approved list of over the counter medications. We have fridges , a small kitchen and all necessary medical equipment including AED’s, oxygen, back boards, first aid and more.

Doctors and Ambulance
We are very fortunate to have an extremely good camp doctor called Dr. Rider. He lives on the same road as us and his office is only 5 minutes away. He will always come to camp right away if needed and he sets aside visiting time each day for out campers. The Long Lake ambulance squad is only 5 minutes form camp and their response time is excellent.

In the rare event a camper may need to go to a hospital different option nearby. 20 minutes from camp is the Tupper Lake Health center. 35 minutes from camp is Adirondack Medical Center, a fully serviced and modern hospital.

If your child goes to the doctor we will call you and keep you well informed as to the visit and any treatments. We keep very good communication with parents during the summer. Our health center phone number is 518-624-5467 (summer only). If you have any medical concerns at all please call us on 914-693-7111 to discuss before camp.

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