Performing Arts Spaces At Long Lake

Long Lake has some of the very best professional venues for our singers, actors, dancers and musicians to star on. Our 4 theaters offer us an unrivalled range of sizes and characters suited to both beginners and advanced performers. These are not multiuse spaces but dedicated professional venues specially designed for different performing needs. We have a theater for large scale musicals, dance performances (Rylee), one for comedies, drama and smaller musicals (Cain’s Playhouse), one for Rock concerts and Music concerts (PAC) and we one for stand-up comedy, improve and black box theater (Ray Standup). Many camps use their gym but Long Lake is offering performing arts to a very high standard of both acting and technical theater and we need university level production facilities. We use a 24 channel professional wireless microphone system and every camper gets a hand tailored costume, making every camper feel like they are stepping out onto a Broadway stage.

Rylee Center for the Performing Arts
The Rylee is named after the owners two youngest sons Ryan and Lee. The Rylee rivals theaters of any high school or university and can house any sized production. It has an auditorium to accommodate 500 and the stage is by. It has a sunken orchestra pit and features a balcony for our technical theater staff. The sound system means every actor is heard throughout the venue and with over 400 computer controlled lights our shows are dazzling. The upper level is home to our costume shop where we make 100’s of hand fitted costumes every summer. There are two rehearsal space large enough for full cast rehearsals and out props department. The back of the theater is where our woodworkers and electricians create out magical sets.

Cains Playhouse
Cains play house is named after the owners Grandson Cain. Surrounded by trees Cain’s is a beautiful venue for our actors to perform in. It houses 500 in the audience, a wireless microphone system, 300 lights, orchestra pit and changing rooms. The stage is by and we can produce spectacular dramas and comedies. The feeling of being amongst the woods while watching great theater is wonderful.

P.A.C Performing Arts Center
The P.A.C is the perfect venue for our Rock and Music Concerts (plus musicals and plays). It is again surrounded by tree and in front is our sculpture pond with a hand carved animal head bridge. The space has a by foot stage with dressing rooms on the side and a scene shop at the back. For Rock Concerts we use massive double cab Marshalls, smoke machine laser light shows and led back drops. There is space in front of the stage for our pit orchestra.

Rays Stand Up
A classic Adirondack theater with an open air house and covered stage. Named after one of our most beloved Chefs Ray. Rays is home to our Comedians, Improvers, Magicians and a Black Box Theater. This intimate space is perfect for audience involvement and connection with the performers. It has lighting and sound and the set is a recreation of Shakespeare’s Rose Theater in London.

To learn more about our performing and fine arts programs please call us at 914-693-7111 and request our 2015 Brochure here.

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