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A long standing tradition is we ask our C.I.T campers in their final summer to write their thoughts for our yearbook, somewhat like a long lake camp review. Below are a tiny fraction to offer you a sense of what Long Lake means to our campers. Please also go to our Facebook page to read alot of comments from our campers.

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drama camp urinetown "Saying goodbye to Long Lake is heartbreaking. I have never loved a place so much in my entire life. My first year coming I had no clue how much this camp would change me as a person. I have made friendships with people all over the entire world and somehow feel closer to them than anyone else. Not only does this camp offer you anything you can imagine, it has helped me grow and become the person I will be for the rest of my life. I don't think I can get any closer to heaven than this place. Each summer has offered me something new, different, and challenging and each month of the year I count down to the three weeks I spend here at Long Lake".
Libby.H. 3 years at Long Lake.
"At Long Lake, I have been a rock star, a magician, a
beauty pageant host, a sailor, a superhero, dancer, and 20 minutes ago, a cook. I have experienced things in 3 weeks I never thought I would have experienced during my whole life. Thanks to what I consider a hugely supportive family."
Paul.D. 3 years at Long Lake.

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dance camp outdoors "When I was twelve, my parents were searching on the
internet for an arts camp when they stumbled upon Long Lake Camp for the Arts. That's when fate stepped in. That summer, after camp was over, I slid into my car and said to my parents, "I'm coming back. No question." The reason behind this change of heart? The reason is that Long Lake is the closest to a home away from home on Earth".
Rebecca. B. 4 years at Long Lake.
"Seven years ago I stepped onto the teardrop at Long Lake a scared, shy, confused nine-year old girl. Today I sit here as a strong, confident and changed person, for which I have Long Lake to thank. To try to explain this, let me start by saying that Long Lake Camp is more than just an arts camp; its laughter, friendship, smiles, tears, side-hugs, memories and hope. To all of you who are reading this, please let Long Lake do for you what it has done for me. Let it help you grow, improve, laugh more, smile more, love more, and be a better person. Only Long Lake is capable of doing this for you, just as I know it's done for me. I've been coming to this camp for three weeks for almost half of my life, and whatever the next years have in store, I know that because I came to this camp, I am a stronger, brighter, better person than I ever was".
Alyssa M. 7 years at Long Lake.
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wakeboard jump "When I came my first time 3 years ago, to LLC, I almost didn't speak a word of English. I quickly realized that thanks to the welcoming love of Marc and Susan, Geoff and Carolyn, all the other staff and the wonderful campers, there really was no need to be scared at all. Although I live across the ocean, I made some of my best friends here in LLC". Beni-B. 4 years at Long Lake.
"I don't think I can even begin to describe how important this place has been to me. Every summer has changed me so much. I'll miss everyone, especially all the CITs '10. The only thing I wish was different was that I could come back. These have been the best three summers of my life. I've gotten to do everything I wanted and more". Adam.D. 3 years at Long Lake. music camp piano
About Us
Long Lake Camp For The Arts is an oasis for creative campers since 1969. We have combined the very best performing arts camp and fine arts camp, together offering you the summer of your life. You concentrate on what you love best. Your summer is 100% customizable by you with our help. Welcome to the warmest , friendliest camp on earth.
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We are located in New York State in the Adirondack Park and are members of the New York State Camp Directors Association.

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Long Lake Camp For The Arts News Feed.

Theater Camp and Film Camp at Long Lake
We have a brand new Theater being built for 2014 to add to our 3 other professional spaces. For Film we now have a Vimeo account to showcase our Film makers talent.

Acting Camp
at Long Lake Camp
We are currently choosing the shows for this summer. If there are some you wish us to consider please email us. Our acting camp produces almost 30 block buster shows every summer. We have plenty of roles for our campers and tremendous theaters and staff to inspire you. Check out our Acting Camp page here.

Rock Camp at Long Lake Camp.
Our Rock Camp is unlike any where else as we can offer you all the private and band lessons plus a spectacular performing arts and fine arts camp. For 2014 we are adding an additional drum instructor, additional rehearsal space.

Dance Camp at Long Lake Camp.
A quick update that almost all our wonderful dance camp teachers and choreographers are returning this summer. This summer we will again be offering you all the very best dance camps for modern dance, Ballet, Jazz dance, hip hop, contemporary, musical theater and more.

Long Lake Music Camp update.
Our music program is expanding for 2014 with an additional drum instructor, new rehearsal space for our rock bands. We welcome serious Musicians from all over the world as well as those just beginning their music journey.